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Brief of how we solve these challenges

Typical problems faced by BPO’s have been associated with capturing data from various file formats and different types of forms, the image quality of captured data is highly dependent on human speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Read more to understand how Keito products provided end to end business solutions to a 19-year-old Global IT and ITes BPO Solutions provider which

-Expedited processing and provide rapid response times to customers
-Substantially reduced data entry time and errors
-Increased number of emails checked
-Improved overall performance of workflow management by seniors

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A journey from asset concentrated processes to Ai based data management, improving business processing by 90%

Customer overview

Suma Soft has been a Global IT and ITes BPO Solutions provider for the USA, India, and global market with a successful legacy of 19+ years. Their high-end industry-specific, technology and analytics-enabled solutions have earned the patronage of leaders across industries globally. They provide IT infrastructure services adopting innovative practices and an ability to engage with new business models.

Adding values to businesses with stark growth in profitability is their aim. Their business processing was an entangled, asset concentrated procedure that was causing a significant migraine with regards to productivity, speed, human error, and growth.

They realized RPA and AI-enabled solutions were the future for overseeing their new business process. They zeroed in on Keito for developing AI systems that can easily work with their RPA due to our ability to convene both back-office automation for their long term value.


Existing processes
and issues at hand

The existing process and problems were as follows -

The employee was assigned a daily job – emails to be checked, using client-based software

At the onset, we started an in-depth study of their existing processes and looked for bottlenecks.

Initial data received in mails were in PDF format (4-15 pages) where the amount of data and clarity of documents was an issue

Each form meant for a different activity had different formats

Data from these forms had to be manually entered and validated into an XYZ platform

Time consumed on an average by an employee was 4-5 minutes perform and for a fresher 8-9 minutes perform

The workflow management software used by senior management for SLA had performance issues leading to delays and extra workload.

Our Solution

How we solve these challenges

At Keito, we developed automation that would associate their unique frameworks, or procedure islands, into a singular mechanized start to finish work process. To give a solitary purpose of passage for this automation, a safe online interface starts the necessary action for the business process, utilizing virtual workers to perform forms at divisions' demand. The assignments are processed as every office would on the necessary frameworks, avoiding errors caused by manual entries.

Via robotizing business processes, new starters are proficiently and cost effectively coordinated into the business.

Post incorporation of the RPA, the business procedure has significantly improved asset accessibility, because of the negligible human intervention required and also decreased the requirement for re-entering of data.
The need for virtual specialist framework security has been decreased exponentially. We are now working towards incorporating automation across the enterprise, explicitly taking a gander at interfacing high volume forms and different procedure islands.
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