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  • 89% increased throughput

    Reduce operating costs and increase throughput by 89%.
  • 90%% productivity

    Improved productivity by 90%
  • Longterm

    Long term digitization and automation.


Brief of how we solve these challenges

Repetitive manual jobs and manual sourcing of data from different platforms leads to slower outputs and low performance. Using Robotic Process Automation an enterprise-grade platform although has several benefits there are some challenges which most organizations face like employee resistance, lack of centralized data, onboarding, seamless integration into existing platforms, etc.

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-Automates your document processing and makes output ready for RPA
-Integrates Ira our 24/7 email assistant with RPA where RPA works well in doing repetitive tasks
-Captures data to be available from different sources as per the requirements for RPA

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Integrating with RPA across Industries to Reduce operating costs and increase throughput by 89%.

Customer overview

One of the leaders in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the platform on which more organizations build world-class Intelligent Digital Workforces than any other. The enterprise-grade platform uses software bots that work side by side with people to do much of the repetitive work in many industries. It combines sophisticated RPA with cognitive and embedded analytic technologies. They provide automation technology to leading financial services, insurance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, telecom, and logistics companies globally.


Existing processes
and issues at hand

As you can see, RPA offers a handful of benefits that allows companies, for e.g say an insurance company, to optimise their business operations and deliver exceptional customer service. But for any new tech-based change there always exists certain challenges in integrating it into a company’s current architecture.

Employee resistance and onboarding - Any changes that accompany the implementation of new technology can be stressful for employees as they might experience changes/additions in their roles and responsibilities. Therefore, to enable a smooth transition, frequent communication from company leaders and executive sponsors to ensure employees are fully informed about what is expected of them throughout the implementation process is essential to successful adoption

Choosing the right processes - The automation capabilities provided by RPA are ideal for tasks that are repetitive, rules-based, high volume, and do not require human judgment. This can include activities such as data migration and copy-paste tasks. RPA implementation is especially difficult with business processes that are non-standardized and require frequent human intervention in order to execute. Typically, these tasks would be, interacting with customers and developing human relationships. While it is an upfront time investment, it’s important for companies to clearly identify and bifurcate the tasks that require automation, in order that the platform runs smoothly.

Our Solution

How we solve these challenges

Keito Kapture automates your document processing and the output can be given to RPA to be set up in a folder.

Ira is an Intelligent email assistant who can integrate with RPA where RPA works well in doing repetitive tasks. Industries like Logistics, BPO, BFSI, Government, E-commerce, Healthcare, etc. are the core industries where huge data as well as repeated works are required to be done and can immensely benefit from the efficient combination of Keito and RPA products.
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