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Brief of how we solve these challenges

NFAI has a library with hard copies as old as the 1930's. Maintenance of books, film scripts, stills, wall posters, song booklets, press-clippings, pamphlets, and folders that deteriorate over time and preserving them has several challenges and also space becomes a major constraint.

Read how our products came to their rescue and ensured.

- Digitize all their records and archives
- Start a Digital reference library
- Create a search engine where document classification and data extraction can be done effortlessly
- Secure all data making them timeless
- Help students and research persons to easily access the vast knowledge

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Digitising generations of valuable data and preserving the history of Indian cinema

Customer overview

The National Film Archive of India (NFA) was established as a media unit of the Ministry of information and broadcasting in February 1964. NFAI's activities relating to dissemination of film culture are manifold.

Its Distribution Library has about 25 active members throughout the country and it also organises joint screening programmes on weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis in six important centres.

It has over 10,000 films, over 10,000 books, over 10,000 film scripts, and over 50,000 photographs.


Existing processes
and issues at hand

Maintenance of a huge physical archive of books, film scripts, stills, wall posters, song booklets, press-clippings, pamphlets, and folders some of them dated way back to the 1930s is a huge challenge apart from the physical space required. Also searching from these archives for reference and research becomes very tedious and repeated use of older archives results in faster wear and tear.

Our Solution

How we solve these challenges

The Keito Discover help the National Film Archive of India (NFAI) to start a Digital Reference Library (DRL) to keep all recode at one single place . "Most of the documents and films that we have are old and difficult to maintain. That was the reason why we thought of digitising all the important work in the form of DRL.

Discover is on permine 'search engine' has also been developed that will help people narrow down their search..

Discover helps to Unite all the information across your enterprise, no matter where it’s stored, from SharePoint to Service Now, Google Drive to shared drive, and beyond. Over connectors and different file types to choose from. Omni-channel analytics give you insights into user behaviour and content usage & impact.
Discover help , librarian and information assistant at NFAI, in this project, the digitisation of over three lakh documents has reached it final stage. We have books, film scripts, stills, wall posters, song booklets, press-clippings, pamphlets and folders, among others. It is a mine of rare information for research scholars and after the digital library is functional, there will be easy access to all the rare documents. .
Kapture helps to scan the document which are relented to particular movie. There are lots of hard copy which is still present with them .know it is becoming to handle huge amount data .to solve this problem Kapture plays and important role. Where kapture follows certain step to gain the certain accuracy so first engine need to be create where document classification is done and data extraction is also there when important data can we extorted with the key value mapping then it comes to validation where you can check your engine through which you can achieve desire accuracy and then it can de deploy into production.
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