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Brief of how we solve these challenges

When you are an e-commerce company with almost 150,000 new listings every day and selling anything and everything you need to ensure that the legalities for each transaction are perfect and to do this for transactions happening almost every second is a mammoth task.

Read how we at Keito assisted a large Japanese e-commerce firm

-Automate the initial verification process
-Improve the efficiency of the legal department
-Ensure higher customer satisfaction
-Increase sales

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Enhancing the legal contract management process velocity by 300% through Kapture

Customer overview

A Japanese e-commerce company that makes it super easy to sell (or buy) almost anything. Each one of us has things we don’t use, never use or simply outgrow, but those things still have value. Mercari allows you to simply sell it, ship it, and earn some cash for it. Fashion to toys, sporting goods to electronics. All the brands you know and love. Our mission is simple: to make selling easier than buying. And with 40M+ downloads in the U.S. and 150k new listings every day, we're just getting started.


Existing processes
and issues at hand

The amount of legal documentation required to be processed for an e-commerce company selling different products in different countries is very high in volume. This process is being currently done manually resulting in more man-hours, errors, and slack in customer service. Dealing in two different languages namely Japanese and English add to the problems. Responding in time to customers with the right content and price in real-time is another issue.

Our Solution

How we solve these challenges

Search is the primary mechanism through which customers find and ultimately purchase products, making it essential that search results are relevant to the intent of the search query, and that the end-to-end search experience matches that of search giants by providing near-instant results, linguistic analysis, geo-location matching, filtering, faceting, autocomplete, hit highlighting, etc.

Kapture helps in handling the legal documents where they are dealing with lots of different types of documents.

It helps to classify the documents according to their respective departments. Also, extractor helps extract important data as per key values and specifications. Thus Kapture enables automation of extracting key legal information to ensure faster verification and faster turnaround time with minimal human error. As kapture is deployed on-premise there is full security of there data where there is no compromise for data security
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