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Brief of how we solve these challenges

When you are a manufacturer of a large number of products and with new components introduced daily and more than a thousand images per day being uploaded, searching for the right product information stored on different platforms can be challenging and time-consuming. Resulting in the loss of sales and reduced performance.

Read how our Ai based solutions helped one of the largest semiconductor, IC chips and hardware components manufacturing company

- Bring all data on one highly scalable and adaptable platform securely
- Effective search engine for quick results and improve sales
- Easy to deploy Discover built-in machine learning which understands natural language, questions, learns from and adapts to user behavior and delivers smarter, more relevant answers over time

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Effective search operations help raise customer time spent on company portal and scale online business securely

Customer overview

A world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer, and greener. Microelectronics from this company is the key to a better future. They understand how semiconductors increase the performance of modern technology and enable solutions that will shape our lives today and tomorrow. Developed with passion and manufactured with precision, every single product proves their will to succeed. This is what makes them a reliable partner and helps our customers to become even more successful.


Existing processes
and issues at hand

Dealing with lacs of suppliers and vendors for a wide range of products and maintaining and searching for documents that are available at different sources is a giant task and leads to an escalation of cost and manpower and a decrease in efficiency and productivity.

Also not having easy or timely access to critical data used by the sales, marketing, and legal teams in the form of documents, presentations, and excel on different platforms impacts their performance and productivity.

Our Solution

How we solve these challenges

Discover is an enterprise search engine that helps organizations to keep all documents under one lake so that it will be easy to search any document from it. .

Discover is a enterprise search engine which help organization to keep all document under one lake so that it will be easy to search any document from it .

Our customer is one of the biggest semiconductor manufacturing company which makes IC, chips and lots of hardware components and is also big distributor. Every day new components are been added with around thousands of image per day being uploaded. To handle such huge amount of data and search appropriate components are some of the key challenges. Here discover helps them to keep all data at one place securely and searching is also easier.
Your business isn’t static so why should your knowledge bases be? Keep pace with evolving questions, resolutions, and answers with Discover built-in machine learning. It understands natural language questions, learns from and adapts to user behaviour, and delivers smarter, more relevant answers over time.
Whether you’re serving up answers on a self-service portal or within an existing application, discover gives you the power to bring content and resolutions into the context your end-users frequent and are most comfortable with. robust APIs let you integrate Discover’s Intelligent Answers virtually anywhere.
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