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Brief of how we solve these challenges

At Keito, we developed automation that would associate their unique frameworks, or procedure islands, into a singular mechanized start to finish work process. To give a solitary purpose of passage for this automation, a safe online interface starts the necessary action for the business process, utilizing virtual workers to perform forms at divisions' demand. The assignments are processed as every office would on the necessary frameworks, avoiding errors caused by manual entries.

Via robotizing business processes, new starters are proficiently and cost effectively coordinated into the business.

Post incorporation of the RPA, the business procedure has significantly improved asset accessibility, because of the negligible human intervention required and also decreased the requirement for re-entering of data. The need for virtual specialist framework security has been decreased exponentially.

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A journey from asset concentrated processes to Ai based data management, improving business processing by 90%

Customer overview

A logistics company present in over multiple countries and territories across the globe, making it a company with a maximum presence worldwide. A workforce exceeding 100,000+ employees, which provides solutions for a huge number of logistics needs.


Existing processes
and issues at hand

With an ever-growing amount of goods to be transported, you can’t imagine the number of accompanying forms - declarations, invoices, delivery orders, etc. This paper bubble could have burst at any moment… How did the customs office manage to overcome the crisis? Being one of the global leaders in the industry and very responsive to their customers’ needs, the company directed its efforts to solve the task.

Scanning the papers - All the paper documents, including multi page invoices (15-20 ps), declarations etc. from different customers were gathered all together at random and then scanned.

Handlng Multilingual documents - The documents submitted to the customs come in different languages, including Arabic for exported goods, with some of the documents in more than one language

Internal database - The system required a database – Microsoft SQL Server – which stored all the items and essential information about them, e.g. name, price, goods category, etc. (the company’s standard workflow is 100,000 items daily

Our Solution

How we solve these challenges

Following were the results post incorporating Keito’s smart technology – Kapture

Thanks to the digitizing of the processes, the company not only conquered the crucial logistics nightmare, but also won several new clients!

Improved service quality and a 10X increase in productivity make suppliers all over the world choose the technology savvy leader of the market again and again.
Comparison allowed to automatically correct recognition errors occurring due to the poor quality of the initial documents. If the system still doubted in some points, the documents were sent to operators for manual check and fixing.
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