Robotizing business processes with advanced AI

Kapture is a cloud-based self-service for enterprise-grade form extraction platform. Using AI Artificial Intelligence based OCR Optical Character Recognition for a human intense activity like automating the data classification and data extraction for various industries. We handle forms and images of various formats and sizes from your pngs, tiff, pdf, docx, doc etc...

Keito Kapture document processing machine

Where does Kapture work best?

Ensuring maximum efficiency of the manual extraction process for form automation of your organization. Eg: accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoice automation, loan processing and more. Implementing your RPA Robotic Process Automation for any unstructured and semi-structured form automation process.

You are just three easy steps away from 99% efficiency

Incorporating Kapture into your existing processes is a simple three step procedure

kapture intelligent extractor step 1
Upload image

Extract from any image formats and documents.

kapture intelligent extractor step 2
Capture exact data

Specify what values are critical to capture from your forms.

kapture intelligent extractor step 3
Human assisted learning

Train by validating more samples to make it production ready.

About classifier

Classification of file

A classifier is an engine that can be created under Kapture, for segregating your various types of documents. Differentiating your invoices from your kyc, loan document and so on.

Classify composite data

The bulk of composite data can be split and segregated into its respective classifier folder for further processing.

Advanced pre-processing

Image pre-processing increases the recognition accuracy by optimizing the image for OCR Optical Character Recognition . Handling poor quality images like images with tilt, wrinkle, identifying seals, signatures etc...

kapture dashboard view

About extractor

Extraction from file

Extractor captures specific values which are critical from your forms and printed content at 80% automation. It can also be trained to increase its accuracy levels and confidence.

Diverse Document Types

Kapture extracts printed text across diverse documents, including forms, invoices, checkboxes, radio boxes, complex tabular structures and more.

Human in loop or Fully Automated

Extractor can be configured as per your business criticality at all times. We help you validate what machine does for your processes.

kapture keyvalue mapping

Benefits for your enterprises

Changing a boring human activity prone to errors into an operational excellence activity

200 %

Operational efficiency

Practical and quick record preparation by replacing manual effort for gathering, arranging and checking.

400 %

Productivity improvement

We help each of the data to be more productive at work. Ensuring more work can be achieved in the same duration.

99 %


Machine and human in loop ensure 99% accurate data outputs for ensuring smooth business operations.

kapture benefits
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