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Brief of how we solve these challenges

As banks grow in size and reach, sending all papers related to bank account opening, credit card application processing, loan, and check fraud, originating at branch offices, to the central office for processing leads to more time consumed and prone to human errors.

Read how Keito process automation and document capture solution enables a financial organization

-Replace traditional paper with digital documents
-Make documents easy to search, access, manage and process
-Attract new business and customers more effectively
-Serve existing clients, reduce costs and increase profit
-Prevent fraud and meet regulatory compliance issues

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A journey from asset concentrated processes to Ai based data management, improving business processing by 90%

Customer overview

A global outsourcing company focused within the Mortgage eco-system enabling clients to build, customize & manage top-quality processing teams.

Our client's span Mortgage Banking (Origination & Servicing), title & settlement, and real estate management. Building an outsourced extension to your team is no more a difficult task, we can do the “heavy lifting” for you.


Existing processes
and issues at hand

Paper-based processes associated with bank account opening, credit card application processing, loan origination and check fraud although originate in branch-offices, are dependent on the head office for centralized processing and approval. A typical loan folder consists of various document types with an average of 100 to 200 pages in total. With an increase in branches and volumes of clients, the centralized process becomes tedious, time-consuming, and prone to human errors.

Our Solution

How we solve these challenges

The mortgage services team at Keito Solutions, first, conducted an in-depth study of the home mortgage lenders' current operational structure, and documented each process. The thorough documentation was done, to ensure that our in-house as well as an offshore team of mortgage experts learn, and follow the same processes and systems that are followed by the customer.

The following solutions were developed and implemented based on final client approval

Capture at point of service, with centralized head office processing No installation in the branch office, financial documents scanning and validation is done via a Web-based interface Classify and extract data from any form or document Reduce turnaround and processing time by excluding manual labor (sorting, classifying and searching) Enable centralization and banking process automation for mortgage loans, the opening of accounts, credit card application processing, etc. on a single platform
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