We strongly believe that Al is the technology which will assit organizations to be future-ready in a world of disruptive technologies


At keito, we put stock in the intensity of automation to change the manner in which associations serve their clients. By reducing the expenses and blunders related to manual entry, we empower a portion of the world's biggest organizations to improve client care and drive new business openings.

Our Vision

Remove the robot from the human. To free workers from unremarkable, dull errands, permitting them more opportunity to utilize their intellect and imagination to tackle higher-request business challenges. We see an existence where each representative will work one next to the other with advanced laborers, making them exponentially progressively beneficial and unmistakably increasingly satisfied.

Transparency & Trust

Transparency is crucial since it eliminates any doubts or tensions our clients may have about the estimation of what we are advertising. By being transparent about our reality with regards to deliverables alongside including client's constraints, we demonstrate that we aren't attempting to shroud any blemishes or imperfections. This in turn helps gain trust. When client needs are accurately comprehended and essential assistance is offered - trust is built. Every building block towards gaining a client's trust is significant as it makes a life-long value addition to their customers.

Clarity & Quality

Clarity of thought. Every customer's need is at the heart of our products. Hence, we have designed solutions that can be configured as per their industry requirements and business needs. We deliver products that meet international standards for our customers. The team at keito ensures 99% of no breakage for our product releases at all stages.


At Keito, the best resource we have is our team and the strongest tool we have is communication. Everyday, we strive to build a culture which is open, approachable and promotes an attitude of learning. The high level of ownership here drives people to become the best version of themselves. From all aspects, our culture/ our team resonates #NEST - Nurture, Empower, Share, Trust

We’re hiring

We’re a team of lifelong learners. We’re equal parts
left and right brained.