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keito solutions mortage case study USA

Minimise processing time, automate classifying & prioritizing of critical information for approving Mortgage loans.


keito solutions invoice case study GLOBAL

Minimise cost, errors and maximise accuracy for invoice data capture & field extraction using AI based solutions.


keito accounts payable invoice case study GLOBAL

Scalable and reliable invoice processing solutions that offer operational insights and maximise transparency.

Accounts payable

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Our products are scalable and adaptable across industries

Built and customized for your enterprises

Scalable, adaptable across the data value chain within organizations our products work as per your priorities

Scalable for your future needs

Deploy on both on-premise and cloud. Each process can be fully automated or human in the loop.

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Adaptable with existing platforms

Do-it-yourself AI-based OCR Optical Character Recognition to get your forms extracted with smooth API Application Programming Interface integrations and connectors

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End to end data solutions

Capable of handling multiple data silos for various departments like accounts, HR, legal and operations.

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Products for every need

Keito assists every organization to grow and make them a happier place to work


Form Automation

Kapture is a cloud-based self-service platform for enterprise-grade form extraction.


Providing customers the flexibility to configure and create their own forms - adaptable to variations, within days.... Advanced normalization techniques to ensure the smooth handling of a large set of variations. Alert & expectation handling with ease.
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Efficient extraction

Automated document separation, classification, and forms extraction from complicated documents, tables, checkboxes and radio buttons

Intelligent extraction platform


Intelligent email assistant

An AI Artificial Intelligence based email engine that has been developed to maintain priorities at various levels of the businesses, departments, or individuals.

Email prioritization

Ira engine can be configured with rules and classified using AI. Artificial Intelligence It understands your priorities and modus operandi through email history... within 24 hours of installation, which normally would take a human assistant a couple of months.
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Email classification

Ira can be trained to classify emails at any time either using AI Artificial Intelligence based classification models or rule-based engines and both in parallel also.

Intelligent email assistant


Enterprise search platform

Intelligent on-premise or private-cloud search for enterprise data

Connect and search

Connect all of your data sources to a single search engine, right out of the box. Or create your own source connection — on-premise or in the cloud — with the Custom Source APIs Application Programming Interface

Integrations into your existing data sources

Enterprise data, which is available across multiple platforms in different file types from your emails, dropbox, one drive, SharePoint can be brought to your collaboration systems.

Keito Intelligent search engine

Seamless integration with Keito

Seamlessly integration into existing major RPA Robotic Process Automation platforms, ERP Enterprise Resource Planning systems, ECM Enterprise Content Management , BPM Business Process Management , CRM Customer Relationship Management , and other enterprise legacy software via our easy to use APIs Application Programming Interface or UI based configuration available within keito solutions.

Robotic Process Automation
Integration with bots

Can be used with any RPA Robotic Process Automation available in the market such as Automation Anywhere, UI Path, or any other.

Artificial Intelligence
OCR Optical Character Recognition
OCR Optical Character Recognition designed with AI Artificial Intelligence

Explicitly to learn from your framework, accessible on-reason, or cloud according to requirements.

Optical Character Recognition
efficient user management
Track and audits

Track and review your progressions at each stage, efficient user management via dashboard.

api configuration
Application Programming Interface
Customize your flow

Tweak your work processes, get your outputs accessible as API Application Programming Interface , Xls, csv, json, xml or any other configurations.


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