Enabling organization to march
efficiently into the future

We uniequivocally accept that AI is the solution
which will help associations to be future prepared in a universe
of troublesome advancements.

Human in Loop

We provide transparency, via human in loop
systems with better training, validation, auditing and security for enterprise of all size.

Self Learning

Self-learning capabilities of our systems under
all conditions (cloud or on-premise) The more you train better edge you have with the competition.

Productivity Suite

One suite for enterprise productivity. Each of our products interact with each other flawlessly.

Products for every squad

Keito assists every company to develop the potential to make the world a better place

Image Transformation


Deep learning-based platform for configurable workflows,
classification, and extraction of forms or images.

Kapture is a cloud-based self-service for enterprise-grade data preparation. Using Ai for a human intense activity like automating the data classification and data entry for various BPOs, BFSIs, and other data-intensive enterprises have several advantages.

  • Help reduce human error and hence minimize loss.
  • turnaround time for data preparation by 10 times.
  • Improves productivity by 4x leading to reduced cost by up to 70%.
  • Configurable engine, can be customized to meet different requirements.
  • Increasing happiness quotient of the workforce.

Intelligent Email Assistant


Cognitive AI-based assistant for email management within enterprises.

Ira – an AI based intelligent email engine has been developed keeping in mind the utmost common priority requirements of enterprises. Some of the key highlights of Ira that differentiates her from your email manager and CRM.

  • Maintain priorities at various levels, business, department or individuals. All based on past history.
  • IRA engine can be configured with rules and also can be classified using AI.
  • Understands your priorities and modus operandi through email history in 24 hours which would take a human assistant a couple of months.
  • 3x productivity with better email management.
  • Quick integration via configuration and APIs for your respective CRM softwares to ensure smooth businesses.

What's the benefits?

Increased Productivity

Organizations regularly improve work productivity by

  • Developing systems that decrease the quantity of work hours required to deliver a given degree of yield.
  • With higher work profitability.
  • An organization can deliver more merchandise and enterprises with a similar measure of relative work.

What's the benefits?

Reduced Costs

It assists with reducing the expense of tasks of the association.

  • Setting a serious cost of items or administrations.
  • Expanding piece of the overall industry in the business.
  • Getting a charge out of an upper hand over contenders.

What's the benefits?

Fastest Turnaround Time

In general, turnaround time (TAT) implies

  • The measure of time taken to finish a procedure or satisfy a solicitation.
  • The idea along these lines covers with lead time.
  • Stood out from process duration.

Do even more with keito and RPA

Integrate into any major RPA platforms
via our easy to use APIs or configuration settings available in our product suites

RPA integration
with bots

RPA joining with bots(via Automation Anywhere, UI Path, etc...) or any RPA accomplices of your decision.


ICR structured explicitly to gain from your framework, accessible on-reason or cloud according to the necessity.

Track and

Track and review your progressions inside the stage, the client board and following.

Your Flow

Tweak your work processes, get your yields accessible as API, .xls, csv, json. xml or any other configurations.

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See why leading analysts and brands choose content


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